I've come across the name Mishka very often lately. Why is it such a popular pet name and what does it mean?
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My name is Mishka ^___^
The word Mishka means very attractive or appealing woman
It actually means teddy bear
It means bundle of joy or gift of love in India. Its a girl name in India
hey my name is mishka and IT stands for THREE Things




and FYI IM Christian so I have to say something........

Jesus loves you he died on the cross for you if he didn't die on the cross for us we wouldn't be here today
and God gave us the gift of salvation and if you looK at the rainbow remember That God loves US no Matter what
and saying or typing curse words are a sin he loves you anD he died for US for you and even for me I'm just a kid but I have been baptized twice holy spirit and water! already and don't even judge I criced maybe 4 or more times so if you watch a video of people speaking In tounges dont she or he is crying that is torcher wrong they are speaking in the language of the holy spirit! he loves you don't forget to read your bible every day and pray before you do any thing! (oh yeah don't judge me its in my blood I had to shout it out)
Urban dictonary, nice
It means "little mouse" in Ukrainian.
It means Cat in Croatian
What dose the native American name masks mean
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