I've come across the name Mishka very often lately. Why is it such a popular pet name and what does it mean?
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Miska is "Little Bear" in a Northwest dialect of Eskimo.

In Polish miska means "Bowl"

My name isMishka and it means lotus in polish(ps I'm a girl!)
Hi there, only came across this site now but wanted to add that 'Mishka' also means gift of love/God in Hebrew. My name is Mishka and I love doing research on it's origin etc.
It also means "Little Bear" in Aleutian, the Alaskan natives often referred to incorrectly as Eskimos, but is spelled Miska. In Aleutian, the i has the sounds of a long e. My "Toy Alaskan Eskimo" is named Miska and she's a sweetheart.

Mishka is a name that is very amazing that no one knows how amazing it is. I think this word or name is ment to have meaning to this world and peace and that is because it is a word that can make your heart feel free and thankful for that word is and how amazing it is that I love it. I think it reminds me of the blooming flowers that are very butiful that my soul and spirit can fly in the air and hear that word every morning it wakes up and cries every time it says MISHKA

Me too

In many native american languages, mish- (or something similar) means "cat", so it's not uncommon to make that derivation for the names of kitten in native american comunities to name a cat. My cat is an example, its name was Mixka (pronounced almost the same as Mishka and it's from Zapotec "Mixi") even before the Huskey became famous.

It’s the diminutive in Russian for “Mikhail,” or in English “Michael.” It comes originally from ancient Hebrew MI-CHA-EL, which means “He who is like unto God.” This comes the Biblical story of the Archangel Michael who battles Lucifer, after the latter’s betrayal of God the Father, and throws him into the pit of hell. The Archangel Michael therefore leads the army of God. He is my favorite saint and archangel.

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