Hey guys,

Just a little curious to see what everyone's dogs do when they are vacuum.

My 1 year old greyhound/kelpie hates the vacuuming, when he was 2-6 months old he used to run around the house and cry his head off! He still hates it but not as badly, he just hides now.

The strange thing is my 3 month old husky/lab loves it, she has no issues running up to it, playing around it and just generally going about her day as normal.

Just wondering how everyone reacts to it?
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I wish I had a dog to tell you what he does. I have a cat only, hehe. But I could tell you about him too if you wish. Emotion: wink
at first loko was afraid of noise but little by little curiosity took over him and now he doesn't hide but watches it Emotion: big smile but he still doesn't let it to move too close to him.
Candy my eldest dog will run and hide.

Luna and Sky are curious but when it gets to close to them they run off Emotion: big smile
My Ferris, a Chi, ran away when he hears a vacuum sound...
I'd always keep chasing him with the vacuum, and he always run..
P.S. : I'd always be careful when playing with him using the vacuum..
Celia Fransisca
Ouch... are you sure he is not frightened to death or something?
Well, I never use vacuum. But when I was cleaning the grounds by a mop without sound, my puppy turned to be very excited and bite the mop to playEmotion: angry
Dinosaurmy puppy turned to be very excited and bite the mop to play

Haha almost the same what my cat does. He doesn't play with the mop though, but he'll always come and lie on the wet, just cleaned floor! Can you imagine how much fur sticks to it then, considering that Barsik's longhair? Emotion: big smile
Sorry, I know this thread is about dogs but couldn't help posting this. Emotion: stick out tongue
Our dog (Beba) still can't take it - she's 12 and doesn't run away anymore; she still glares at it suspiciously though. If it comes too close, she'll leave the room.


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