hi! i'd like to get a dog but a bit confused about the breed. i like large dogs for example dalmatians, sheprherds, dobermans, briards etc but can't make up my mind. i'd like an obedient companion ready to protect me whenever need be, also i'd like him to be a good guard dog. please let me know what you think!
It sounds to me as though you don't have a lot of experience with dogs, so I would suggest that you look for a mature dog that has already been trained for the guard duties that you are requesting. Shepherds or dobermans are both good guard dogs and also make great companions.
As far as I know most guard dogs aren't the best choice for those who's getting a dog for the first time. I think you'd better get a mature trained dog like JB said, or another option would be to have your puppy trained by a professional. G'luck!