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This made me chuckle. That's most dogs! ;-) Not that it's a criticism coming from me. I love pretty much ... good qualities. Obviously Basenjis are my most very favorite and I enjoy them no end. It really is "my" breed.

We're the opposite as I like dependent, human-focused vs. independent and/or aloof. I should probably amend that to say that I bond most closely with dependent type dogs. The ones who are the opposite are ones I have a really hard time bonding with (because they don't seem to need me maybe). I saw someone say that they aren't into mushed faced breeds in this thread which also caused me to chuckle because they are my favorite...to look at anyway.

When I was a kid my parents and grandparents always had corgis, theysuffer from short dog syndrome. Arrogant, bossy dogs, ... I have found in multi dog households these dogs are overly dominant. Shell (pushed out from home by corgis Emotion: smile

That's been an observation of mine as well. My Min. Dachshund certainly rules the roost here. The Boxers are almost always afraid of her. Its pretty funny to see a 60lb muscular dog on its back, feet up in the air, just hoping the mean little black dog will be nice and realize this is a "truce" sign. Pebbles doesn't attack the big dogs but she won't hesitate to growl or snap at them. If one of them really ticks her off then she'll be an idiot and run them down, snarling and trying to get a good bite in. She did it to Fancy the other night and we had to grab her real fast.

Some of the adoptive homes I've placed Boxers in have had little snappy dogs who think they're giants. I think most small breeds suffer from a Napoleon Complex.

My mom has a Corgi and is talking about getting another. I guess she really doesn't want be visiting anymore haha! Actually he's an okay dog, but since I don't give in to him he doesn't like me very much.
He's an interesting example btw, of being stuck with a member of a breed you'd never choose, and learning to deal with what you've got. He's revealed himself as a little guy with big character. Glad doG sent him my way.
I never would have gotten a Border Collie on purpose if I'd given it any thought and Solo hadn't fallen into my lap. I think they would have remained a breed I was interested in but didn't think I could handle. And of course, now I know I'll always have Border Collies.

I do like herding breed dogs in general, but I also can't see myself owning a herding breed dog other than a Border Collie, on purpose anyway. (I wouldn't turn away an ACD, say, if she wandered in from the cold. I have always liked them.) A non-Border Collie herding breed dog would be redundant in some ways and too different in other ways and given the choice I'd rather fill that spot in my household and heart with another Border Collie than anything else.
I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for spitzes, and my favorite medium-sized spitz breed is the Siberian Husky. This is a breed I'd like to have someday, while at the same time I have a hard time figuring out how one would fit into my lifestyle and so I'll probably never have one.

When I have the space and time, I'd like to always have at least one little dog in my pack a "small auxiliary dog" (to quote Dave Barry) or a "diva dog," something I can tote around in a little bag and take everywhere the other dogs can't go. Since there are a total of two toy breeds that appeal to me, the choice isn't hard it'll be either a Pomeranian or a Papillon.
I have never been interested in hounds, gundogs, or terriers and would never choose one of my own accord. Even if one wandered in from the cold, I think I would find it a good home somewhere else rather than keep it because they just aren't my cup of tea. Of course, these sound an awful lot like famous last words to me.
As a rule, dogs with long floppy ears, pushed-in faces, or both, do not and never have appealed to me. I like pointy noses, pointy ears, and moderate proportions, along with a biddable, engaged, and intellectual temperament. There are a number of breeds that appeal to me so little that I have a really hard time understanding why ANYONE would want to have one, but I won't name them here because I don't see the point in offending people with such a list.

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"Melanie L Chang" (Email Removed) wrote
I have never been interested in hounds

Liar! You had a brief interest in Basenjis! :-D

-Andrea Stone
Saorsa Basenjis
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Meet on in person and you'll be doubly convinced! Real charmers and seriously cute. I HATE wet soggy beards, but for these guys could see myself making an exception.
I love Poodles. I have all sizes in classes right now and all of them get to me.
Others on the list:
Rhodesian Ridgeback
JRTs (geez, with these last 3, you'd think I've been in flyball too long!) NSDTR - I'd really like a puppy out of a certain one Rough Collie
Many mixes - lab mixes are my preference over most of the purebred labs I see

Of course, I do believe that my heart belongs to Flat-Coats. There will never be another Golden who will be Teddy, and I think I will probably never get another. Never say never, but Flat-coat silliness has consumed me.

There are breeds I like but wouldn't own:
APBTs - I really want dogs I feel totally comfortable leaving alone together, but never cease to be charmed and impressed by the high energy athletes. We have one at the shelter for a long time now, who if I didn't have other dogs..
GSDs - too much hair and a little larger in a certain shape that wouldn't work for me. Overall, their looks appeal to me, as does their personality. Great Danes - to much slobber, but I love handling these dogs - tall is good! Belgian Shepherd breeds - too serious/ driven for my lifestyle, but elegant, smart and talented is very appealing. Not big on Malinios, it would have to be a Groenendal or Tervuren.
Newfounlands - too much drool and mass, but they're appealing.

I definitely don't want any nordic breeds, nor terriers (even though I like a lot of Westies and JRTs are in a class by themselves), and the working dogs just don't really do it for me. Forget non-sporting entirely (what kind of group is that?!?!) and no slipper dogs.
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Bernese Mountain Dogs
And dogs with long, big coats that I know I could never maintain Sammy's, Collies, Afghan Hounds, Newfoundlands, etc.
Wary of:
Pit Bulls I tried really hard to not be one of those people who cross the road when they see a pit, but my lab has been attacked 2ce by them and now so I just stay away and don't let her play with them.

Not a fan of:
Dogs with pushed in faces pugs, boxers, etc.
Small dogs.

Kristen and
Just wondering what breeds you guys really like out there. I'm a dog lover and it's rare that I meet any dogs that I seriously dislike.

snip for brevity
There are a number of breeds that appeal to me so little
that I have a really hard time understanding why ANYONE would want to have one, but I won't name them here because I don't see the point in offending people with such a list.

Thanks for putting into words what I was having trouble articulating.
When I first started hanging out here, there was a thread with a subject along the lines of "why do you hate small dogs." With that, I realized that I'd always held a prejudice against small dogs, and, like any prejudice, my reasons were entirely unfounded. I'd always thought of the toy breeds as nasty, yappy things and had never met enough nicely behaved ones to form an opinion. The problem is that too many toy owners think their dogs don't need to learn good manners.

Saying that I don't care for toys is akin to saying that I don't care for people who own toys, and that's an unwarranted insult to the people who have nice ones. That said, I probably won't get a small dog at this point in my life because I enjoy long walks with my dog and like a dog who benefits from the exercise, not gets exhausted by it.
My favorite breeds? I've never owned one, but I do have a soft spot in my heart for big couchy dogs like Saints. And Genny, the mostly terrier, suited me so well I've often thought I'd consider another terrier.

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