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If you like silly dogs that make you laugh, you need a Toklat.

What was it you said yesterday? 'Hair, hair, hair'? Sounds like a lot of work.
But I do like your boys' smiles. I can imagine they'd be clowns.

Meet on in person and you'll be doubly convinced! Real charmers andseriously cute.

Maybe one day I'll be lucky enough to meet one. I particularly like the way the AKC site describes their noses as 'spongy' and 'bulbous.' I never thought those words, especially used together, would make me go 'aww.' There's something about their faces that's a bit Muppet-like. In a good way.

I HATE wet soggy beards, but for these guys could see myself making an

Me too. And me too.
When I have the space and time, I'd like to always have at least one little dog in my pack ... with them..until they kneel down and start cooing. Then, he walks away, mission accomplished. He never tries 'cutesy' with me.

I can't leave a dog behind. Our new dog beach has a 'one person per dog' rule, and Mac's the swimmer. But, I couldn't leave Pip behind, so we don't go there.
When I have the space and time, I'd like to ... little bag and take everywhere the other dogs can't go.

Could you do that, Melanie? I can't. From the git-go, I've treated Pip like the big dogs .. which may ... 'one person per dog' rule, and Mac's the swimmer. But, I couldn't leave Pip behind, so we don't go there.

I have to leave some behind sometimes as a pack of seven can be a bit much in certain places.
So we alternate 4 and 3 or 5 and 2 or well you get my drift.

"The only thing about resisting temptation
is you might not get another chance"
I have noticed a lot of coments on here about the humble Pit Bull - yes admittedly they got themselves a bad reputation due to the drug dealers and pimps who used them as 'weapons' but hasnt that happened in the past with German shepperds and Rottweilers?
A lot of people on here when asked about which breed they 'dont' like mention the pit bull - often without good reasons to back this up - reasons like - they look fierce, or they're aggressive or bad rep (not actual quotes I'm using - but thats the immpression I'm left with). Here in the UK all three of the Bull Terriers (types) are looked at with the same light - but which of them is most likely to attack, which of them is top of the biter list - answer NONE OF THEM, the top of the list as far as biters go is a Labrador - but do people fear them, cross the road when they see one coming? no
The kind comments from people on this board about Pits - generally comes from those who have met one, the fear approach is from people who just read the speculation about the breed, yes they're a big dog - so what? so are standard poodles and retrievers - but you dont treat them with the same apprehension.
Just my humble opinion of course..
When I first started hanging out here, there was a thread with a subject along the lines of "why do ... of the toy breeds as nasty, yappy things and had never met enough nicely behaved ones to form an opinion.

Exactly what happens to us all! It also happens the other way. We meet a dog that we fall in love with and that gets transferred to loving the breed.

I can't tell you how many people are amazed when they come in our front door and with two schnauzers greeting them there is no yapping. I hate yapping.
Granted, miniature schnauzers aren't toy breeds but the same stereotype is applied to terriers. And for the purpose of discussion, miniature schnauzers are considered terriers in the US.
Even other people with schnauzers ask how we do it - must be the breeding because their dogs would be barking their heads off. The answer is simple. They aren't allowed to. We have had an escalation of barking since Sassy joined us. She came from living with a pack of schnauzers who both barked and quieted on command. So she does fire Spenser up a little and we're having to work on it a little more lately. And we're getting there.

Now, I do like a dog I can have a conversation with so it's not as if they never get to bark. And if they're playing, barking is a necessary component. And alarm barks are allowed but they must stop when the Danger has been pointed out to me and I am now In Charge. But I agree about yapping. I just can't believe that it's impossible to stop.

And the same manners apply to little dogs that apply to big dogs. I admit to being slightly more lax about letting them climb up on a leg in greeting than I would be with a big dog. If for no other reason than their height and weight - they're easier to pet that way and it doesn't threaten to knock most people over. But Off means off and Sit means sit.

I have to leave some behind sometimes as a pack of seven can be a bit much in certain places. ... my drift. Paulette~Oh, yeah, I could do that. And your dogs are similar enough to entertain each other, aren't they?

May I go off on a tangent? I've spent a career teaching group behavior, and a basic tenet is that tight, authoritarian leadership will prevent interaction and group growth each individual will feel s/he has to check everything with the leader.
Although I'm not authoritarian, that is the pattern I always get with a pack of dogs. When I keep fosters or friends' dogs, their packs break down and I wind up with a herd of dogs staring at me, each asking, "OK, what are you going to do to entertain me now?" I don't know why that happens.
Mac and Pip are incapable of entertaining themselves. They play with no toys, chew no bones. If I leave them, they go into a coma, waiting for life to start up again.
It's a puzzlement.
Liar! You had a brief interest in Basenjis! :-D
I don't consider them hounds, somehow. They don't seem to have much in common with, say, Bassets. I consider them a pariah breed, and I do tend to like pariahs in an aesthetic sense at least.
They are small enough to count as a small auxiliary dog!

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Belgian Shepherd breeds - too serious/ driven for my lifestyle, but elegant, smart and talented is very appealing. Not big on Malinios, it would have to be a Groenendal or Tervuren.[/nq]One week with the class clown Bodhi would quickly de-bunk this myth, Janet! One common thing I've noticed with Belgians, especially with males, is that they are really big pranksters. They like to do stuff to see if they can get away with it, and if they don't, they get this silly, "Oh duh, Mom, can't ya take a joke?!" look on their faces! I think it's a well-kept secret, because after I planned to get him, many current Belgian owners said something along the lines of, "Oh you must have a great sense of humor to live with a Belgian!" I've seen this as a really common idea amongst people who've never lived with a Belgian, because they can seem reserved around strangers, but with their family, they are just plain nutty! :-) Shelly & The Boys (Both of whom are a bit nutty!)
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