My puppy loves sitting and sleeping on the couch but I don't want him to obtain this habit. I want to train him to his own bed. So here comes the question - what makes a good dog bed so that he likes it and stays there? This is my first puppy so sorry if the question is dumb. x)
If your dog loves sleeping on the couch you should check out Pet Dreams Bumper Beds. Basically they are like a mini couch (dog bed). I will give you a website that has them.
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I hope this helps.
put some treats on his own bedEmotion: stick out tongue

I don't have any experiece about this since my puppy loves her bed because of no couch in my houseEmotion: big smile

Chew proof bed is the best solution for all types of dogs.

But be sure, You have to choose a style which fulfills the special needs of your dog. Consider his size, age, sleeping manners, and temperament. Types of beds.

  1. Mat Beds
    Elevated Beds