Could someone tell me what clicker training is?

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Could someone tell me what clicker training is?

Clicker training is using a clicker to mark a desired behavior, then following with a treat to reward the behavior.
There are three basic ways that a clicker can be used.
1. Lure/Reward Training: In the method of luring a dog into position and thenrewarding him, you must have some way to tell him YES, THAT RIGHT THERE when he does it right. If you're using a verbal marker, you might say YES or GOOD as soon as he performs the behavior. With a clicker, the sound of the click becomes that marker. Nothing is different about the method except the sound that is used to tell the dog YES.
Once you get used to the clicker, you can mark more precisely with it than with voice. It's faster, and it takes all emotion out of training (i.e., judgement, exasperation).
In the next two usages, the same principle of marking and rewarding applies. However, cues, lures, and any other feedback from the human besides click/treat are kept to a minimum.
2. Shaping Behavior: This requires a lot more thinking on the dog's part. Heoffers a behavior, and gets a click/treat when he gets an approximation of what you want. A clicker-savvy dog will try to repeat the behavior. After he's getting it reliably, you with-hold the click/treat until he offers a closer approximation of the behavior.
For example, say you wanted the dog to walk across the room and touch a pole with his nose. You may first click/treat a glance at the pole. Then when he's reliably looking at the pole, you wait until he takes one step towards it. You keep working on it until he's doing what you want.
3. Capturing Behavior: You see something he already does and put it on cue byclick/treating it. For example, say you wanted to teach him to "bow." You would click/treat when he was in a play bow. A dog who knows the click/treat game will catch on fairly quickly, and offer the bow again. Then you can give it a name and ask for it.

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