Hi everyone,

I think this is a great example of what it means to be the pack leader. With no words, with no violence. Fantastic video.


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Emotion: surprise This guy's spirit is incredible!! Just look at how he stares at the dog until it calms down!
i loved watching this when i had the channel...this guy really is amazing
Did you watch all the episodes kittehlewis?

oh no not all of them but ive seen a good few i miss watching things like this but cant get the channels out here and most of the youtube vids i want to watch dont let me out here Emotion: big smile but this guy is truly amazing
Who is this guy? Looks like I've never watched TV shows with him. Looking at this video, I'd love to!
His name is Cesar Millan and his show is called The Dog Whisperer. I watch him on the animal network. He is quite magical to watch.

You can also follow him on facebook, where he will sometimes post some really great tips and tricks.
I should find a way to watch his show! Looks really terrific. Emotion: muscle Thanks, Lynn!
You're welcome. He is terrific, and he has many, many videos on YouTube ...http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=cesar+millan&aq=f

You'll have lots of fun watching him. Emotion: smile
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