By accident, I discovered a very odd food addiction of my 1,5 years old cat. She had never been noticed in this before, but now when her kittens are 1,5 months, she goes mad! She just ate half a tumbler of tomato joice and happy to up to her eyes! Is it unhealthy? Will I get a "consequent" result in the middle of the night? What odd food addictions does your own cat have?
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My cat loves cake! Any cake will do! She must really have a sweet tooth Emotion: big smile
Ice-cream! What's interesting: he doesn't eat melt ice-cream, only if it's frozen!!
When Barsik was a kitten, he could eat some sauerkraut. Now he likes olives very much and starts rolling over his back when he's eaten one! Emotion: big smile
Dried squid - my cat is ready to fight for it. Also canned corn. Funny to watch how his flat ears stick out of a can... Emotion: big smile
Tomatoes and slightly salted cucumbers! ha ha
Whow so many cats with unusual food addictions?
My cat likes anything i eat. In fact, i have to sometimes keep him in my bedroom while i eat.
My cats eat everything too, they are as bad as my dogs, whenever the fridge is opened the dogs come running followed by 5 cats! Its crazy to just get a glass of milk or something.

One of my past cats used to eat bars, and I have a current cat Tiger, who loves chips, crackers, bread and well anything.
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