Hey all,
I found this pic below in the net and wondered: what's your per's fav play (no matter if you've got a cat or dog)? Fetching, playing with a feather or ball, special pet toys, anything else? Maybe spying on you from all high places in the house or trying to catch your ankles? Emotion: happy Please share!

As if the kitten was saying, "Heya I'z stronger! Caught ya!"
My cat loves to play with little balls made from paper or other stuff - for example, candy envelopes. When he was a kitten, he just loved to catch my ankles, which felt a little bit scary because I was little that time, too (about 10 years old). Emotion: big smile Now he doesn't play that much because he's a senior, but any cat toy, including hand made ones, gave him a great pleasure. Eh, I miss it sometimes. Emotion: smile
my kitty loves all types of cat toys ^^