if i take my indoor cat out on a leash for a walk, will she want to go outside more and more often? I don't want to make her fall in love with something she doesnt know yet and then she sits by the door miauing because she wants to go outside?
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No easy answer for that one. The only thing you want to make sure of is that she has all of her shots and takes heartworm meds, etc. I've wrestled with doing this as well and I don't know how others handle this. I do think it's good to give them something else to look at, touch, taste, etc. It helps them to not be depressed, heightens their senses, etc.
I have to admit we don't let Barsik outside. That would be technically difficult as we live on the 8th floor, but the main reason is that we'd be very worried about him. There are too many dangers for a cat in a city, even if we walked him on a leash (too many careless dog owners around who neither bother to walk their dog on a leash nor train it properly so it obeys).

As to your question Victor, I think a lot depends on your cat's personality. I've known shy cats that were more or less indifferent to the outside at first. Nonetheless, sooner or later they became more brave. I guess that's just in their blood, cat's curiosity and the stuff. Your kitty may be as cautious in the beginning, or she may fall in love with the outside right away. There's no easy answer like alfinnlay said, but, honestly, sometimes I do feel bad that we deprived Barsik of nature.
I want to tell you that a good friend of mine on a forum just lost her beautiful, gorgeous kitty a few weeks ago. He used to be a feral and he's been a home kitty for 14 years but was still let outside. He wasn't coming home for the day so she went out to look for him and found his mutilated body. The neighbor's 2 dogs tore him to shreds. I can't even tell you much I cried just reading that. There are so many things that can happen to them outside. Getting hit by cars, getting sick, getting into fights, etc. I don't tell you this to make you feel bad at all. My friend is so traumatized now and she's trying to keep her other 2 kitties inside and they are going nuts wanting to go out. But she won't do it. I don't want anything to happen to your babies.
Oh nooo!! This is heart breaking to read. Poor cat... please pass my condolences to your friend... Emotion: crying This is why I never let Miky out... He is so dear to me.
I will Janis, thank you. I am so heartbroken. He's so gorgeous, he has the most beautiful green eyes on a kitty I've ever seen. And he's an orange tabby so it's even more beautiful. I cannot imagine how awful a site that was to find him like that. Good for you for not letting Milky out. There are so many other ways to amuse them. Although you wouldn't know it in my house. They have a zillion toys and they STILL want me to do all the work. LOL
Omg that's horrible Emotion: sad
Another good reason to not let cats outside is people who don't like cats! A friend of mine had to have her cat put down a few years ago because of someone who didn't like cats. Here's what happened ...

Her cat was allowed out to roam during the day. One day he came home, and he was dragging his back end. He was completely paralyzed from the bottom of his rib cage, to the tip of his tail.

We inspected the cat, and took him to the vet to find out what was wrong. The vet said that his spine had been severed from his rib cage, and we asked how that was possible with no visible signs of damage.

It was explained that the ONLY way this was possible is if the cat had been swung by the tail, and then gave us the bad news that the damage was not repairable. The cat was euthanized, and we all went home, crying.

The next day we went out, asking questions of everyone we could talk to. We finally located one kid who witnessed what was done to the cat. Another kid, one of the school yard bullies, thought it would be fun to see how far the cat could fly!

He picked him up by the tail and swung him in circles above his head, faster and faster! The cat was screaming the entire time because of the pain he was in. The kid finally released his grip and the cat went flying up into a tree, where he promptly fell out because his spine was already severed by his own weight.

Sometimes I really hate people. Emotion: crying
I feel like throwing up just reading that. I really do. And I agree, sometimes I just hate people. Someone else told me that they read on another forum about these people who got an additional cat that they liked better than the cat they had. So they threw that one outside and kept kicking it so that it wouldn't come back. Honestly if I saw one of my neighbors doing that I'd call the cops in a heartbeat. sick sick sick!!! These are the times when I say "I hope karma comes back to you in a big way". This world sickens me sometimes. Thank goodness we see so much good as well or we'd all go nuts. Emotion: angry
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