I came across these recently and I have to say... DO NOT LIKE! Never seen rabbits this fluffy and am not sure that this is healthy for them??

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I think I saw this before too... are they real? Yikes.
Those are English Angoras. Yes, they are real; yes, they are perfectly healthy. I'm fairly certain I know whos website those are off of, and she spoils her angoras to no end Emotion: smile
Oh, do you mean you know the person who owns them? Emotion: smile Wow the net world is so tiny! How many does she have?
I've had no idea about English Angoras... let me google it.
I don't know her personally, but I looked into getting some from her once upon a time but settled on French Angoras instead. Much easier to groom! Those English seemed pretty time-consuming, and I remember Betty Chu seeming very adament on grooming them incredibly frequently on her website! If you want more info, here is a good place to go: http://www.nationalangorarabbitbreeders.com / and here is Betty Chu's website: http://bettychuenglishangora.com / I don't know how many she has, but considering the time she puts into them, as well as letting them play outside, mixing special feed, etc; I don't think too many.
What a creature! I guess it takes really much time to take care of one.
I can imagine how much fur you'll have all over the house. Emotion: giggle Perhaps even more than you can have with several long hair cats!
This is just the type of rabbit. It is a French Angora. Their fur is used as wool in sweaters and scarfs but the animal is not harmed. The fur is brushed off the rabbit for the creation of the clothing.
Yes they are real! Im a rabbit breeder.They require a lot of grooming and time so I usually stay away from them.There called angora rabbits.So they are real!Emotion: smile
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