We have just spent $900 trying to get a diagnosis for our cat's sore eye. Lucy is 11. Turns out the opthamologist thinks its brain cancer after viewing her ultrasound and further tests including aspiration and radiology to confirm are another $1,200. Unaffordable for us. Could also be an abscess they say. Both are poor prognoses for Lucy. I am wondering if it is best just to let her live out her life until she is in pain, treating her eye with antibiotics until she tells us it's time to go...then euthanize. Any thoughts?
No one can really tell you what to do but that's what I would do if it was my kitty. I'd make the remaining days count and spend as much quality time with her as I can until her end was drawing near and she decides it's time for her to cross over.
Then bring her to the vet and help her cross peacefully. So sorry this is happening to you and your sweet Lucy.