Hi guys!

What do you do with your pets when you go on vacation? To be honest this has always been a problem in our family - we couldn't leave Barsik all alone and had no one who could visit, feed and take care him, so my parents just stopped travelling at some point. Of course we could try and travel separately but it's not the same as a true family trip. After all, having a pet is responsibility, and you have to cope with this small member of the family!

What about you, do you take your pets with you on vacation or you ask someone to take care about them?
well, our dog goes to my boyfriend's parents house...he is treated sooo well there. He gets to play with a st. bernard and run around all day. my cat however is another story. Lazlo is in constant need of attention and affection...leaving him has been hard. My boyfriend and I recently celebrated our anniversary by taking a short (3 day) trip. We ended up having a friend home "cat sit" for him...he stayed with Lazlo for a few hours a day as to make sure he wasnt too upset. When we got back he was a little angry with us for about an hour, then he cuddled up with us.

I must admit though, its a lot harder for me to leave them than i thought it would be.

In the past, my sister has also done the cat-sitting thing with me. When she went on her honeymoonfor a week I lived in her apartment at the time and spent my days taking care of the kitties and keeping them company. It wasa mini vacation for me too!

i wish i could take them with me on vacation though... i bet stitch would love camping!