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I thought someone would have at least asked about the man when replying about his dogs.

Sadly, homeless people are so prevalent that it no longer sparks much of an interest to hear about another one of them.

I don't get this. Does it lessen the interest in homeless dogs that there are so many of them?

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I don't get this. Does it lessen the interest in homeless dogs that there are so many of them?

Of course it does. If not, there wouldn't be strays wandering around the same neighborhoods for years without somebody doing something about them.

Shifting baseline (to quote an interesting TV commercial :}.

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So when people post their "what breed should I get?" ... that contains nothing more than what the OP asked for.

so you'd feel better if everyone was rude and condescending in response to my query? thanks, that's so nice of you.

How is asking after the owner of the dogs being rude & condescending?

yes, i'm focusing on the dogs, not the people. we have a very serious homeless problem in the Seattle area. ... helping the dogs in this instance. besides, don't you think that keeping his best friends healthy is helping this man?

Sure and thank you for the information about him.

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In this case, I'd feel the same way. Here's a really beneficial thing a person could provide for this guy, ... marvelous idea. Very compassionate, actually. I'm sure many non-dog-people would want him to give up his dogs to save money.

What Leah said. Exactly my view. Also, to be very down to earth, funding a spay is something manageable; easier to afford. Better to help where and how one can than not help at all because we can't afford to give the human a good job, an apartment, whatever.
And yes, I'm sure many non-dog-people would want him to give up the dogs so that he could at least get into a shelter. I agree it would be compassionate to make the offer.

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After reading all the replies I'm pretty shocked that not a single person has expressed concern over the homeless human ... homeless and someone did that I'd wonder why they had more compassion for my animal than they did for me.

This is rec.pets.dogs.behavior.
I think you want soc.humans.bums.behavior. Good luck with that.

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Sarah and I both would like to tell him that she ended up okay, healthy and happy.

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something I'd told her years before, planted herself in the restaurant. She watched the truckers come and go, and waited til she spotted one that was polite and considerate to the waitress. {I'd told her once that you could get a glimpse into someone's character by observing the way they treat people in service positions.}
** Ted Bundy was really nice to the women he killed before he killed them... most evil people mask the fact that they are evil, and if she wanted back home she could have called the police they would have gave her a free ride home or at least called her a cab )she could have said to the cops '' my friends left me here and im really scared'') also why didn't she call home using 1-800- collect or the operator?