Can anyone suggest what might be wrong with Bo, my life, my rock, my Staffy!

She's always been a very fussy eater and will refuse to eat for days and days if it's not to her liking [wish I had her willpower!] Over the last few months she has started a bizarre like 'gasping' after eating. It's like she's choking and can't get her breath. She's gulping at air, licking her lips, salivating and usually ends it with retching but nothing comes up. She first did it a few months back but it didn't happen again for a while - I just thought she's got some food stuck. Over the last two weeks however it's got increasingly more often, perhaps 2/3 times a week now. Her stomach swells up after eating too and is pretty rock solid to touch. She looks about 100 and so sad when it's happening. Last night was the worst ever - usually the episode is over in a few minutes. Last night I was up most of the night and it seemed like it wouldn't stop.

She also drinks a lot - although she always has, but even more now.

Any ideas - she's looking a little happier now and no doubt if I take her out she'll think she a puppy again and charge about [she's not, she's 10] I've just this minute heard her doing it again, gasping then retching, but she hasn't eaten anything since her tea last night!

If any one can help I'd be really grateful xx
Hi Anon,

Please take Staffy to a veterinarian as soon as possible. The symptoms you described remind me of GDV - Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus (also known as "bloat"). I don't want to scare you or exaggerate, but if it's really GDV (and I still hope I'm wrong), Staffy's condition is serious - it's said that even with treatment, about 25% of dogs with GDV die.
Usually, GDV is a problem of large and extra large dogs aged 5 to 10 years. Here is some more information about the illness (taken from this website ):

The most obvious signs are abdominal distention (swollen belly) and nonproductive vomiting (animal appears to be vomiting, but nothing comes up) and retching. Other signs include restlessness, abdominal pain, and rapid shallow breathing. Profuse salivation may indicate severe pain. If the dog's condition continues to deteriorate, especially if volvulus has occurred, the dog may go into shock and become pale, have a weak pulse, a rapid heart rate, and eventually collapse. A dog with gastric dilatation without volvulus can show all of these signs, but the more severe signs are likely to occur in dogs with both dilatation and volvulus.

Some lines from the Wikipedia :

Symptoms are not necessarily distinguishable from other kinds of distress. A dog might stand uncomfortably and seem to be in extreme discomfort for no apparent reason. Other possible symptoms include firm distension of the abdomen, weakness, depression, difficulty breathing, hypersalivation, and retching without vomiting. A high rate of dogs with bloat have cardiac arrhythmias (40 percent in one study).

PLEASE take Staffy to a vet and keep us posted!
hi. better bring the dog to the nearest vet hospital or clinic for it to be checked. d vet wud do some test, especially xray or ultrasound to know wats wrong inside the dog's tummy or abdomen. pls if u think d dog is not ok, then its a must dat u bring it immediately to the hospital. retching, vomiting, inappetence, abdominal enlargement and difficulty in breathing are signs of existing disease which we dont know at this point. there are a lot of posibilities, such as GDV, heart problem, heartworm disease, gut obstruction and others.

again seek help from ur vet for proper diagnosis and treatment of ur dog's case.
Jomarte Magcalas DVM
Omg my staffy has done that 4 times now shes 10 months old.she has just done it again but it went on longer this time,just read up on it and it says you must take them to the vets straigjt away.iv never been so stressed out over it,its very hard bringing up a staffy.did you take your dog to the vets or find out why thay do it.