It is clear that both food and attention are important. No one can live without food, after all. But long time ago I read somewhere that attention is somewhat more important for pets. You cannot just give your pet food and think it will be affectionate and grateful. What do you think about this? Is one of the two more important anyhow?
hmmmm i think both food and attention. it's like human needs air and water at the same time... we can't live without them... anyway i think if you can't give your pet enough attention, you don't deserve to own one!
When my puppy is hungry, she just walk around and try to find food.

When she feels lonely, she just laid there and looked very sad. Or keeps staring at me.

So, what do you think?
Food is essential but so is attention. You cannot hope to have a pet that will love you and respect you if you only feed it then ignore it for the rest of the day.

For me I believe attention is the most important. Sure animals will thrive on food but they cannot thrive without love.
I think it's like with children. We give them (at least, are supposed to) both attention and food, and we cannot substitute one for the other. Neither cats nor children are machines to stuff food in.
I agree with Omnia's post - They are like children, and why not say that some people think of them as their own kids?

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