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Okay, I think there should be a law against four-letter abbreviations for dog clubs/registries that start & end with A.

And let three-letter and five-letter abbreviations get off scot free?


Handsome Jack Morrison
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it's just very frustrating for those of us with non-akc breeds who, after getting the dog, find out they would ... themselves in a location where akc events dominate and non-akc events are few and far between, even with reasonable travel.

Yep. I have no problem with the AKC changing their mission statement though. Emotion: smile
Yes, I was. I thought it was odd that the breed club had >its own rally

Heh. I've confused the two acronyms several times in the past myself, and had to go back and read the letters out loud to myself (e.g. "Ay Pee Dee Tee") to make sure which one was meant.
I thought it was a bit odd you'd said something about Pits, but I was reading/posting in a hurry, and it didn't really register.
... thereby totally proving your point about the Association of Pet Dog Trainers' lack of public recognition :-).

Um... but that wasn't her point. Her point was in regards to the Pit Bull breed club, not the APDT.
I only know about it, and its affiliation with the UKC, because it came up in a discussion of requiring more than a pedigree to register.
Okay, I think there should be a law against four-letter abbreviations >fordog clubs/registries that start & end with A. Its getting ridiculous and not just because I'm too dullwitted to keep up.

I agree! Just off the top of my head, aside from the ones already mentioned...
AHBA (American Herding Breed Assoc.)
AWCA (Am. Working Collie Assoc)
ABTC (Am. Belgian Terv. Club)
ASSA (Am. Shetland Sheepdog Assoc)
ABCA (Am. Border Collie Assoc.)
ABMC (Am. Belgian Malinois Club)
ASCA (Aust. Shep. Club of America)
Oh my...that's just a start, and herding clubs/breeds only! Shelly (glad that the Belgian Sheepdog club is BSCA that way I can find it easier when thumbing through documents) & The Boys
But that still is a silly argument.

Excuse me? It's not "silly" in the least- I simply haven't ever, to my knowlege, seen you mention participating in anything but those two venues.
I've also discussed UKC agility on those lists,

Then I haven't seen or read those posts for some reason. I delete a LOT of what's on AgileDogs, and I certainly don't read every single post on the USENET groups - I'd never get ANYTHING done if I tried.
and if you look in my sig which I use on the mail groups,

Heh, well - I often don't read sig files on the agility lists (aside from the human and canine names) and especially not ones of people/dogs I know; in your case, since I knew who you were for a couple of years before seeing you post on the lists, I've not really read your sig for content, so to speak.
What's that got to do with AKC's intentions for the sport?

Once again, the point is that since a Canadian person with a non-AKC dog inquired about Rally-O (not AKC Rally), couching a reply to her in terms of the AKC's intentions for their version of sport seemed a bit inappropriate.
Well, see, since it's the bad, ugly AKC, it can't possibly be something good after all, the AKC only hijacks other programs, and besides, all the people who do AKC are snobs and hate mixed breeds don'cha'know.

Robin, I didn't say any of those things, and I'm *** sick and tired of you projecting things into my posts that aren't there. I have been replying civilly to your snippy posts in this discussion, and I'm tired of being polite.
I knew you could clear that up for me! :-)

***, and you know it.
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