Hey guys, why did you name your pet its name? What's the story behind it?

My cat is named Barsik, and actually it's a very popular cat name here, as well as Moorzik. Very often, when you see a stray cat or an adopted cat, it is named just like that. So we didn't really invent something new but simply took a usual cat name which sounded pretty nice. Emotion: wink
Hammy's real name is not Hammy.

His name is "Bigotes", which basically goes for his whiskers. (In Spanish "bigotes" means "whiskers")

Nothing special, hehe!
Ruhe is pronounded Roo-hey, it means "rests" in German. When I first got her all she seemed to do was sleep! We just call her "Roo," now she's a hyper mess! Another quirky coincidence is when she goes potty, she looks just like a kangaroo!

Ladybird is named after Ladybird on King of the Hill.
Candy was a rescue and came with the name.

My OH named Sky. Don't know why as she's black!

Cotton was named because she is white (we nearly named her Snowball)

And I've always loved the name Luna. I made a good decision in naming her, loony Luna!
I really love the name Cotton Emotion: smile

Well my first cat was called Smokey because she was grey (very creative huh).
Then I got Yoda who looked just as ugly as the real Yoda when she was a kitten hehe.
Then I got Chewy aka. Chewbacca from star wars again, she was also really ugly as a kitten and looked like him (was into star wars at the time, can you tell? hehe)
Then I got Gizmo who looked like the little gremlin Emotion: smile
Sky - My partner chose the name. He wanted something short that would be good for training.
Candy - It was the only name his nanna would let him give her.
Cotton - Was originally Snowball (my partner picked it) but I hated it so changed it to Cotton. Cotton because of her colour.
Luna - My partner wanted to call her Suki but I much prefered Luna and it suits her! Luna the lunatic Emotion: stick out tongue
My puppy‘s name is Xiao xue, in chinese. Means like "little snow". (the same name as mineEmotion: big smile) It was her previous master who gave her this name. since she has been abandoned for so many times, for her adaption, i just quoted her name and didnt give a new one. I gave her an english name "Sasha", but seldom call itEmotion: big smile

Actually, she ran to me also when I called her "doggie"Emotion: big smile
DinosaurActually, she ran to me also when I called her "doggie"

Oh that's cutie! Sometimes mine doesn't react even if I call him HIS name, lol.
RuslanaOh that's cutie! Sometimes mine doesn't react even if I call him HIS name, lol.

Actually as long as I make sounds, she will run to meEmotion: smile Because she think:" Hey, maybe my master is opening snacks!"Emotion: big smile