What's the world's most venomous snake? Does anyone have an idea? I've heard different opinions such as Taipan, Death Adder, Beaked Sea Snake, Riesvie Tiger Snake... but I'm still not sure. Please tell me more about it.
Not that I am a snake expert but... here are the ones I've always known as the most venomous, deadly venomous, snakes:

Inland Taipan, aka Fierce Snake (Australia)

The King Cobra (India, Southeast Asia and Indonesia)
Boomslang (Africa)
Black Mamba (Africa)

The Bushmaster (South and Central America)
Inland Tapian, here's a video of it:


Pay attention on shape and color of it. It becomes almost invisible in forests...
Yikees, I've not been aware of these!
water moccasins