My cat had 4 babies 3 month ago (jan 28th). I gave away two of them when they were two months old and kept the other two. They're still nursing, is that normal? I have no idea when they should stop. Momma cat sometimes moans when they are nursing because they hurt her. Sometimes she takes them off; it seems like she's tired of them or something but the kittens won't leave her alone. Will it be bad for her? Emotion: thinking I'm a bit puzzled...
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are they the youngest of the litter? sometimes the younger kittens who had to compete with the older and stronger kittens will keep nursing a bit more, 3 moths is not that old for a kitten to be nursing, in my opinion they may still need it. the mother will make sure to shoo them away when she's had enough and thinks they'd had enough as well. i suggest you introduce them to dry food and wet canned food right away even if they are still nursing, if not it's going to be difficult to get them to eat it later.
They're actually the strongest of the litter and they started to eat dry food with a month old or so. I'm concerned about them hurting momma cat. Emotion: tongue tied
I've never had experience with kittens but I've heard that mother cats produce milk for about 12 weeks so the nature will probably sort everything out shortly. I'm also sure the momma cat has her own ways of letting them know it's been enough so I wouldn't worry too much. Emotion: smile
You're right. I keep forgetting they know better than us, lol! Emotion: smile
if momma cat can't cope with her kids, who will? Emotion: big smile g'luck to you all!
I think it's good they are still weaning because mother's milk is the best thing they can ever have for food. That's just like with babies. It's advised to breast feed them as long as possible.
I'm sure the mother cat will be fine. =)
How's it going?
The momma kitty will let them know when it is time for them to stop weaning. I have plenty of experience with little baby kitties and I generally start trying to get them to eat food at about...4-6 weeks. Of course, this is mostly to just introduce them to it. I usually take solid cat food and add some warm water to it, making it all mushy for them. It takes time for them to get used to it. Though, most of my kittens were completely weaned at about 10 weeks. This was mostly due to the fact that momma kitty stopped letting them nurse on her at all around this time.
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