Hi! I'm just wondering where do you keep your cat's litter box? Olivia's one is in the bathroom. I'm lucky our bathroom is large and I could easily keep three litter boxes there. =) But where do you keep it if your bathroom is less spacious?
Wow you must have a nice big bathroom! You're lucky is right! I keep the boxes in my office which is also their playroom. So really it's not my room, I'm just invading it, LOL. Emotion: big smile
Our cat is toilet trained so... we don't keep a litter box. Emotion: wink Before we toilet trained him, the box used to be in the bathroom.
How I envy you Ruslana!!! No litter cost, or awful mess to vacuum, sweet, etc. no poopy smell! LOL.
LOL what I always wonder is if they flush I'd like to toilet train my cat I think he would pick up very quickly but I'm not sure if he can learn to flush and if he can I imagine him playing with it non stop and flushing just to see the water run! Emotion: indifferent
LOL Joleen! That actually reminded me of this story:


So yes, be careful, VERY careful! Emotion: big smile

Our cat doesn't flush because the "flusher" (or what do you call that thingie that allows you to flush?) is designed to be pulled upwards, not to be pressed on, so I don't think Barsik would ever manage to do it. We've never tried though, lol.

Alfinnlay, indeed, but the downside is that he becomes really upset if we don't flush in time for whatever reason. He's all like "Heeey look at all that mess, how on Earth can you live with it! This is unacceptable for a cat!" LoL
The other downside is that you always have to be present when he's about to ease himself. You need to flush several times before he actually settles himself down and this sometimes can take up to 10 mins (usually less though). We think it's his way to make sure the toilet is actually clean enough for him. Yes, his persona needs a LOT of attention in this delicate matter. Emotion: giggle Not to mention that you'll have to make sure he doesn't jump up on the couch after he's done (we want him to clean himself first)... needless to say, this is the first thing he aims to do after the bathroom ritual, lol.
HAHAHA, so what you're saying is that you trained him TOO well! I'd be afraid my clutz Lacey would fall in. Matter of fact I know she would. Emotion: rofl