Which is better to feed my kitten?
Neither. Any "supermarket" brand is a bad choice if you want to give your kitten healthy food. These are made with low quality ingredients. They smelly yummy, look yummy but please educate yourself about healthier alternatives. There are some better "wellness" brands which use better ingredients, but still use colorings and whatnot.
I agree and the most important thing to start with is to feed a quality, high protein, low carb, grain free wet food. There are some great brands out there, start your kitties off right as early as possible. My cats have never eaten anything but grain free since they were 4 months old and I adopted them. They are much healthier for it.

Nature's Variety, Wellness, Weruva, Evo, Merrick, all good brands. I have a list of all grain free wet foods on my site. I do list some lower quality ones but those are for sick kitties who refuse to eat anything else or people who are in bad financial situations but are still looking to stick to grain free. Look for the names I've listed here: http://ibdkitties.net/wetfood.html .
i stopped giving my cat those ages ago. they are full of crap. it's a shame the manufacturers push them through so hard. not that we should expect something else in this rich men's world.
Please do NOT feed your kitten any of the commercial pet foods. Read my post here: