Hi. Yesterday we rescued the most docile stray. He had the most tame personality, almost uncatlike. When we brought him home he did not respond to the other cats hissing or fight for territorial space as normally would happen. He rubbed his body against my other 2 cats, oblivious to their territorial advances.

We bathed him and discovered pure white hair and pink skin, almost like a pig. His eyes are a yellowish. His meow is strange which makes me think he is an albino and most possibly deaf. Any advice? How do you train a deaf cat?
When you bring a new cat home they should ALWAYS be confined to a room by itself with a litter box and food and water for as much as a week to two weeks. The others need to get used to it's scent and he needs to get used a new environment. Putting them together immediately is going to cause fights. http://www.humanesociety.org/animals/cats/tips/introducing_new_cat.html#.UoPWsfmsidk