A couple of days ago I saw a dog that looked pretty much like a German Shepherd but it was entirely white with blue eyes. Was it an abino GS or another breed I don't know about?
Purebred German Shepherds can be white with blue eyes, but sometimes they're a mix between a GS and a Husky. I don't know what an albino GS looks like, but I'm guessing it would have a pinkish hue to it, especially around the face.

So, it could have been a GS or a Husky or a mix, or maybe it WAS albino!
There's a breed called White Shepherd officially recognized by the United Kennel Club. White Shepherds have brown eyes and black lips&nose. If that dog's eyes were blue it may have been an albino or what boyquail said.
OK, got it. Thank you both.