Every day I see a lot of people walking with Chihuahuas. I have nothing against this breed, What makes it so popular? Just the size? But there are many other small dogs like Yorks and Toy Fox Terriers and they don't seem as spread. I look forward to reading your opinions.
I think movies such as Beverly Hills Chihuahua and Legally Blonde have influenced their popularity.
they are so small that people can take them everywhere... and of course those movies elizabeth mentioned made them more popular i belive.
If you ask me, I'm not very fond of Chihuahuas. Emotion: smile Well, maybe I'm just slightly biased because they are usually rather "barky". I know it's not their fault though, because a lot depends on how people raise and treat them, and unfortunately they're often treated like live toys. Just an observation.
I have adopted 5 of the little guys. They are smart, loving, fearless, clowns, and totally devoted to their families. I think that's the attraction. Long lifespans and few health issues are also a plus.

why are teacup chihuahuas so popular???

I can see why people like chihuahuas because they are just adorable!!!