I've just watched this video, and decided to post it. I have also a question - have you ever seen crows doing something smart? Something that we would expect only humans to do, or just something interesting and outrageous. Please share if you have such a story. Emotion: smile Here's the video I mentioned.

Another example... no, really, crows are very intelligent!

Talking about smart crows and ravens, you should have a look at these videos I just found - Talking ravens . I could post them here but they are so unusual that I thought they deserved their own thread. Well, if those aren't fake, then this is another evidence of ravens being incredibly intelligent!!
Amazing videos. I have never any doubts that crows are smart because I've watched them doing curious things pretty a lot of times. For example, once I watched how a group of crows tried to steal food from a dog. Two of the crows tried to distract the dog's attention, and the other one (or two, I don't remember exactly) managed to come closer little by little until it stole the food.

Or another story: there's a house in front of ours with a big long aerial at the top. So what would you think? When it's strong wind, they LOVE to try to catch it and possibly sit on its top (the aerial top, not the house, hehe). Hundreds of times we've watched it, and even came to the conclusion that crows had come up with some kind of a competition, because they also try to chase each other away from the aerial. Very smart creatures. Emotion: smile
Crows live among people so they have learnt a lot from us. Otherwise they wouldn't have survived!