Why? It's the people's fault if a dog isn't trained well and has aggression problems. So why ban the breed????

Because educating the people requires more efforts and resources. Sometimes it's easier to forbid a kid to do something than to make him behave responsibly. Not to mention some people never learn to behave responsibly.

My friend was bitten by a bull terrier two years ago and since then she's really afraid of this breed even though she likes dogs in general. I think it's psychology. People tend to associate the danger with what they've seen, and what they see is a fierce dog's face! Frankly speaking I'm wary about bull terriers too. I don't have anything against the breed as such but when I meet one I can never know if its behavior will be predictable so I just prefer to be safe and as far from them as possible!
Anonymous So why ban the breed????
It's better than allowing the breed to keep biting people who don't know how to train a dog properly.