Is it true that most cats hate men? If yes, why do they do that? Are they afraid of men? My friend's cat runs away and hides any time a man comes to their house (she doesn't live with her father so they have no males in the house generally). I think this behaviour is really odd.
I'm not sure if most cats hate men, I'd rather say some cats do that. Why? Maybe because they feel that men are strionger than women and thus can hurt cats more... But it all depends on a certain cat or man. I've never noticed that my cat hates my dad. Emotion: smile
Perhaps cats feel that men are stronger. Men are hunters by nature, by the way, so maybe this is the reason, too.
I don't think cats hate men, they just avoid them. Maybe because men generally don't cuddle, coddle and go goo gaa gaa over them, unlike women.
In lions and many other feline species, the female hunts exclusively. The male controls his harem, however. Female cats may be wary of males, knowing that males can do what they want, by 'cat rules'. My female cat is very nervous around me (a man) though I am very gentle and kind to her. Humans have pheromone smells too and i think cats can identify our gender easily.
My cat thinks that my father is the greatest person in the world. She is constantly rubbing against him, asking for him to rub her ears, and she plops down on his legs when he is wearing jeans. I would say that if the man is not closely bonded with the cat, the feline will stay away because the man may seem more intimidating or have a heavier stso than women.
I have the opposite situation. I'm a male and my cat hates any females (cat or human). She's female as well.
She came from a home with a female owner who didn't take good care of her. I tried to get her a home with a friend.

whaat?! im a man and i have a female cat she's 3years and i love her/she loves me. I play with her, i like to cuddle, coddle and go goo gaa gaa.. Emotion: big smile she also sleeps nexto me Emotion: smile She's my dearest and softest friend

cats can also sense something wrong just like dogs