Sometimes I see my Toby sneeze and I wonder if other cats do that too? If yes how often does your cat sneeze and at what point should I start worrying about his health? Now he sneezes about once a week or less. He is 7 years old.
Hi Anon

Just like humans cats sometimes just sneezes. If your cat sneezes once a week or less, you shouldn't worry. It's perfectly normal, and just like we sneeze without any cause, cats and dogs do the same. Dust particles are the main reason for all living things to sneeze, and shouldn't be the cause of any concern.

If a cat sneezes every day or more it's another story. This may be a sign of an upper respitory infection. But it doesn't sound at all like Toby has this problem.

My cat sneezes about twice a week. Usually if she's been roaming around in dark corners of the basement, where it's quite dusty or if she's been outside when it's cold, and then come back in where it's warm.

So I wouldn't worry about Toby. Just keep a gentle eye on him. Emotion: smile
Agreed, kitties do sneeze. Can be dust from the heat coming on as well since it's the change in seasons. My Finney and Lacey sneeze more during high pollen season in the spring. They both have a URI when they were very small. Now I give them L-lysine at least a couple of days per week to help fend it off and t works great! I up the dose during seasonal allergies or times when they are sneezing more. But definitely if you ever see redness in the eyes, puffiness, some goup building up, wheezing, bring kitty into the vet asap!
jake doesnt sneeze often but when he does it's usually after he's smelled something dusty ^_^