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RuslanaI'm not a dog specialist but it really looks like she wants a little bit more of your attention, like Sequeena said. Imagine that the little cutie has been waiting for you all the day to play and stuff like that, she's been missing you, and then all of a sudden you fall onto bed and slumber. I'd bark at you too, if I were a dog!

Maybe Sandhya's advice could help you.

Oh, but I've played with her before getting on bed[:^)] I have no chance but stay to go on playing since I found her this habbitEmotion: rolleyes

RaphaelWhat's her favourite play? Is there anything you both can come up with that doesn't require walking out?

Her favourite play is bite my handsEmotion: crying She is crazy about thatEmotion: cryingShe also likes to hide under my bedEmotion: phew
DinosaurHer favourite play is bite my hands She is crazy about thatShe also likes to hide under my bed

Reminds me of a naughty kitty that likes scratching everything around, and hides under your bed when you're going to "punish" her. Emotion: wink Anyway... does she really prefer your hands to any other toys for biting?
Yeah!! she bites my sheet, my clothes, steals my food on table, jumps into my cabinet~then runs to hide under my bed when I chase herEmotion: big smile

She uses to like switching a toy clothing dog. But I threw it away since it had been destroyed, just in case she would eat the plastic accessories.

You know what, If she knows I am available to play, she wont play toys at all. She only plays toys when I leave her alone.Emotion: phew
that is so sweet of her! she loves u so much! even if i m free my sagar wont play with me unless he is free!! hahaha! i would call him to play and he wont! i will bite him for that! Emotion: embarrassed
i sleep with teddies and he would steal them from me! how many teddies we have fought for! Emotion: phew
the stealing of food i guess u got to train her! and i know its not easy! sagar never steals food, i send him to a boarding house while i had to go overseas and he came home with that bad habit! stealing food, it was very cute the way he stole the satay from the plate Emotion: big smile well i didnt mind it but my parents really did, so had to train him not to do that!! she probs doing it for attention, or simply being herself, naughty!! or she might have liked the food! SMELLS GOODDDD!!
the destroying part, sagar use to destroy, i love him so much that i didnt bother, and i guess he out grew the habit he doesnt do it anymore! she will outgrow it! Emotion: smile

stay cool! she justs wants all ur attention, she thinks u are all for her! u should be very lucky to get her!! mine is always so busy checking his looks against the mirror, home from groom 1 whole day not allowed to touch him because he looks so handsome, touching would disturb his looks! damn i could go on with his arrogant's! BUT SAGAR AND I ROCK TOGETHER!! hahaha! [8-8] his always on my side when i get the scolded! my guard! Emotion: big smile
Emotion: big smileEmotion: big smileYour Sagar sounds so cute! And your Sagar is not so naughty as mineEmotion: smile I don't know how to train dogs, so my puppy gets all bad habitsEmotion: big smile

Last night when I was cooking in the kitchen, I glanced and happened to find she was standing in my room and staring at me with something white in her mouth. When I looked at her back, she walked away. Then later I found she appeared and stared at me again with that white thing. I was wondering what the hell was that and checked it out. She again ran into my underbed~I found that white thing was my hat!!!

Emotion: smokingso another fight for my hat~She wouldnt come out of there no matter what I didEmotion: phewShe may think under bed is her paradise~
This all does sound very cute but, Dinosaur, any dog regardless its size needs training, if you don't want her to become pain in the neck within a few years. If you don't know much about training - why wouldn't you learn at least a little bit? We're all here to help you, too. I don't want to sound like your parent or to moralize, but please: owning a pet is responsibily, and you have to reckon with it. I know you wish your puppy the best, so don't think these naughty tricks she does now will be as cute and nice in a couple years.
I know and I have known some training methods online. Since I got her, I have browsed lots websites and asked people on forums(we have a national dog forum). But the thing is, those methods seems not be suitable to train her. I did as people taught me, but I didnt get the expected result.

My puppy was abandon many times, so her charactor is not steady. Even thought I have been with her for more than three months, she is still very ferocious to me sometimes. When she looks calm, she may bite me suddently.

I've really been upset for this.Emotion: phew I just hope as time goes by, she will know my kindness and outgrow of naughtiness.
DinosaurMy puppy was abandon many times, so her charactor is not steady.

After this, who'd ever refuse to admit that dogs have feelings too? Emotion: wink

Don't lose your heart, Dinosaur! A while back I read a post by Sequeena; it was about Chihuahua training. Perhaps you'll find it useful too? Here we go: Chihuahua Peeing In The House
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