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Oh! wow she bites! Emotion: cryingthe saying dont judge the book by its cover is so true than! Emotion: wink

dont worry keep showing her ur love by kissing her and hugging her, she will fall! even a mountain would Emotion: big smile ok hmmm....was i saying mountain??? dont ask me how a moutain would fall, i might just say LAND SILDE!! hehehe! Emotion: geeked

it was a joke, but the kissing and hugging works well with sagar! although it took long for him to stop stealing my scrunchies.....Emotion: phew
hugging is fine but not kissing!! She is too dirty to kiss[:^)] However she does sometimes kiss me, forcelyEmotion: big smile When I am back home after a whole day out, she runs to me and jumps and when I pick her up she kisses me forcelyEmotion: big smile(which always makes me screamEmotion: big smile)

BTW, this morning she figured out how to jump up to my bed and she walked around over my quilt. She had so much fun, but not did I!!Emotion: rolleyes
After this, who'd ever refuse to admit that dogs have feelings too?

Don't lose your heart, Dinosaur! A while back I read a post by Sequeena; it was about Chihuahua training. Perhaps you'll find it useful too? Here we go: Chihuahua Peeing In The House

Of course dogs have feelings!! They are smart and sentimental! And dogs are jealous too! ( a friend in chinese dogs forums has a male poodle and female poodle. the male one made the female one birth 2 baby poodles. Then the friend has been busy with taking care of the mommy and babies and kinda ignore the male one. Then one day the male poodle's legs got hurt. So she was back to focus on him untill she found he was pretending to be hurt!Emotion: big smile)

Thank you, Ruslana, I will go check that site and learn!Emotion: smile
aweeeee! but y do u fine her dirty, does she leave ur house? mine stays in the house, he doesnt go walking outside of my house. scare he might get ticks or dirty. Emotion: happy

i always like to roll with my sagar on the bed, just cuddle him like a teddy bear. he is so warm!! come on try doing that she might change! Emotion: big smile
i totally agree with the jealous part! sagar doesnt allow my mum to carry any babies! he gets so angry and goes on hunger strike!

omg! that was terrible! why did she ignore him! so sad!! Emotion: crying
DinosaurI know and I have known some training methods online. Since I got her, I have browsed lots websites and asked people on forums(we have a national dog forum). But the thing is, those methods seems not be suitable to train her. I did as people taught me, but I didnt get the expected result.

That's a good start!
But what makes you think the methods are not suitable for her? For how long have you been trying to train? Results don't come at once, it's like a child that learns how to walk but he can't walk from the very first attempt. Chin up! Practice and patience make perfect. I hope you haven't given up your efforts, have you?
hehe, my apartment is not so clean~there is always somewhere dirty and she just like to enter there so she gets dirty too.

And because it is so cold these days that i havent bathed her for two weeks. She is very stinky nowEmotion: big smile

Xiaoxue is very warm too!! I put my hands under her belly to get warmEmotion: big smile

Ticks!!! two weeks ago i found a tick in her ear!! But I killed it and bought medicine for her. I hate that tick, dare bite my puppy!!![6]She got it when I walked her. She likes to jump in brushEmotion: big smile
omg! that was terrible! why did she ignore him! so sad!!

Dont worry, Sandhya, she just ignored him a little bit. You know, it is hard to take care of four poodlesEmotion: smile That girl is very rich and is very good to her dogs, dont worryEmotion: smile
For example, people say I should scold her when she hugged my feet. But when i did that she barked and barked and barked just like it was me who did wrong.

And people say when walking her, sometimes i should hold the string and dont let her go. But when i did so, she almost got crazy. When i ran in front of her, she not only followed but also barked and bit my anklesEmotion: geeked

I used revulsant in the bathroom but she never pee there. most of the time she pees on the little blanket i prepared for her, but sometimes she just pees everywhere in my lobby! and she pees and poos in different place^^^^^

Anyways, i admit that i dont use much time to train her because i have to work the whole day. Once I have holiday, I will do again just as your guys taught meEmotion: smile
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