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oh ok!! Emotion: happy
Emotion: big smile u live alone dont u!! if there is mum, she did be screaming maybe xiaoxue would have known than where to pee! hahaha!! once sagar tried his dirty trick of peeing at the wrong place, mum screamed once and he never dared it again! seriously dogs r just like children, they know what they r suppose to do and not to do!! i have seen it from sagar many times! Emotion: big smile

OH yes i hate ticks! sagar never leaves the house as i have told u, but he got a tick at his and it must have came from the groom, i got so angry that i smashed it!! NO ONE BITES SAGAR BESIDES ME!! Emotion: super angry
hahahaha!! i bite him! Emotion: stick out tongue
than brought him to the vet for the injection! hehehe!!
My dogs are like this as well, my partner and I often watch movies in bed, we get all cuddled up and then the dogs decide its play time. Usually they are just too hyper to sleep, the lights are bothering them or they have some unfinished business to do.

I usually just take them outside for about 5 - 10 minutes so they can mellow and then once we go back to bed they are all calm and mellow.

If I go to sleep straight away and turn everything off they decided that they shall sleep too.

Once they know I'm awake they immediately think "MUM'S UP LETS PLAY" hahaha.

Dunno if this will help though.