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maybe I should just chain him to the fireplace when I'm carrying things in.

Doggy, Place!
"Place" in our house is the stair landing near the doorway where she:
1) Can see the proceedings
2) Can be seen by anyone coming to my door
3) Cannot slurp or maul person being greeted at door
4) Stays out of the way when we need to be in and out
5) Goes to get her HaveANiceDay cookie in the morning.

It would take under a month to gradually teach each of those commands and proof them to the point that your pup was no longer making like a warm- blooded doorstop. And it impresses your houseguests to no end.

and Storm and The Puppy to be Named Later, the FCR duo
I just tell them MOVE. I don't have a single ... don't move I just keep coming and they get shoved.

I do that (or did that, they've learned not to block my path), while saying "outofmyway, outofmyway, outofmyway" over and over again.[/nq]That's pretty much what I do, saying "move". Don't get me wrong, I usually start out by saying "move, please". But sometimes they say "no, thanks". There are a lot of dogs here, and I have poor balance. So while I believe in being polite to my dogs, I am not about to chance injuring myself trying to step over dogs that decide to move in the wrong direction at the wrong time. It isn't as if they don't know what "move" means. The other day I was leaving the house with my arms full, and Boomer (who I consider our least intelligent and least trained dog) was in front of the door.

I asked him to back up, and he did, very nicely. I was impressed; most of the time when we say "back up", we're in front of them backing them up, not approaching them from behind. We haven't spent a lot of time working with Boomer, but it's amazing how many commands and behaviors dogs will pick up from the other dogs in a multi-dog home.
Mustang Sally
Still, there's nothing like a long line and lots of repetition and praise in a safe place to teach the lesson...

I'm in no hurry teaching recall with some of my daycare dogs (they're only free in my fenced yard) and am finding that my homemade liver treats and repetition are working well on almost all the dogs, the exception being a Boxer.
and I know I have it relatively easy with sporting dogs.

At an agility trial the weekend before last, someone benched their spaniel in a shade tent sans crate or xpen. He got out easily and chased horses (no recall in this situation). The trial was at the Calgary Polo grounds and it's up in the air as to whether there'll be another trial there. That handler had a very short trial.
I truly respect those who can get a reliable recall on the more independent breeds.


Matt. Rocky's a Dog.
Well, that, and Boxers don't thump their tails, seeing as how they ain't got any.

well, no, but they would if they could!
Do they whap their little nubs?

yep. their nubbins wiggle so furiously that the dog vibrates.

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That which does not kill us, makes us stranger.
Trevor Goodchild, Aeon Flux
"Get back" only works if I scream it with lots of emotion. Frankly, it's hard on the voice and it tires me out. I usually just "let" him have his way. He is first through the door. I try to be positive. Maybe someday he'll catch a bullet for me. It's really a lot like the way a SWAT team goes through the door when we come home.
Of course, the ACDs have yet another level if all else fails, grab human by available body part and tow them to the Clue Bus.

in BoxerSpeak, that would translate into hysterical woo-wooing. (that's what the scrunched up lips are in preparation for.)

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W is for Winnie embedded in ice.
Edward Gorey, The Gashlycrumb Tinies
"Get back" only works if I scream it with lots of emotion.

Volume does not equate to understanding. But you don't really want suggestions, do you?
"Get back" only works if I scream it with lots of emotion.

whose fault is that?
Frankly, it's hard on the voice and it tires me out.

and i bet it annoys the hell out of the dog.
I usually just "let" him have his way. He is first through the door.

that's certainly your prerogative, but you can hardly complain when the result is that the dog is untrained. you should also (gawd, i swore i wasn't going to give out any more advice) stop screaming at him, because it's really not his fault that he's untrained. you've made a conscious decision not to train him, so you shouldn't take your frustration at his lack of training out on him. that's unfair.

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Anything can be any color at any time depending on what color everything else is at the time.
Keith Crown
My schutzhund trainer loves it. Cala's version of the recall straight as an arrow, hell for leather, then start planting butt about 10 feet out. SLLIIDDEE WHAM! into my shins and an absolutely perfect front. Generally now she actually touches but doesn't hurt. In the past I've gotten some pretty spectacular bruises, including the time she didn't stop at all and went through my legs. That was an ouch.
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