hey all i have got a simple question... or maybe it is not simple but very lively. why do dogs bite kids? why do they at all bite? we say that dogs are our best friends but what makes them bite us then?? ok, i am not talking about guard dogs whose training aim is to protect its owner, but about medium or small size dogs, or large non-guard dogs that can bite even its owner sometimes. what's worse - they may bite the owner's children too. so... what are you opinions? why do dogs bite?
Despite dogs are our friends, we must never forget that they have their own instincts you have to be aware of if you don't want to be bitten. For example,a dog may bite you if it feels you are threatening it to take its food or toys; if it feels you are intruding on its territory; if a dog is guarding its food while you are trying to get closer to it (in this case a dog can bite even a child it knows!); a dog is likely to bite when it is protecting its territory; etc. Besides, sometimes dogs are in a bad mood just like we, humans. Don't expect a dog to be an angel that can never harm!
I 100% agree with Raphael. Dogs, cats, hamsters, snakes, ferrets... they all have instincts even though they have been domesticated. Sometimes the instincts prevail, which may make our sweetie dangerous. Well we just don't have to forget about it and respect our pets' personality and "rights", and everything, I believe, will be okay.
No matter how friendly you think your dog is you should NEVER leave it alone with a child. You should never encourage any rough play either.

Children need to be taught how to interact with dogs. I have seen children pull dogs ears, pull their tails, kick them and try to lift them around the stomach area. The adults who were there laughed and thought it was cute completely ignoring all the dogs body language - how the back arched, the dog stiffened and the warning growls. Many times I've had to step in before a child is bitten and the dog PTS.

And some dogs just do not like children!
In addition to sequeena's post: we train dogs and teach them different tricks, so why won't we train children and teach them how to interact with dogs (cats, ferrets, horses, and so on)? Emotion: smile