Why do dogs hate cats, and why are there exceptions from this rule sometimes? I have friends that have both cats and dogs. Surprisingly some of them get on well whereas others don't and eventually they had to be separated. Do you have experience in this?
Cats eat a lot, and dogs do not like it. Cats take little space on the couch, and humans do not drive them away - dogs do not like it either. There are many more things in cats that dogs do not like. Emotion: big smile
I took Molly, my dog, when I had already had a cat. Molly grew up beside the cat, and since that all cats have been friends to her. A year ago I resqued a kitten. Molly didn't even touch him and they are still friends now.

However, my aunt had a bull terrier that was brought home whilst there had already lived a cat. The bull terrier became friends with her, but nonetheless he tried to strangle all other cats (well, to be honest, not only cats but also other dogs and even hoofed animals). I guess it all depends on psychology, as well as in humans. For example, most people kill insects, but some breed them and admire!
I have never owned a cat and a dog at the same time so I cannot say anything baout this. Emotion: sad
I think this is just a hunting instinct. My dog breaks into pursit only when she sees somebody running away! If a cat sits and doesn't react to a dog, the dog tries to scare her: jumps around and barks a lot so the cat flees and the dog chases. As regarding the relationship between our dog and our cat, it is very touching! When, after a looong walk, the cat returns home. she rubs its muzzle against the dog's one, and the dog sniffs the cat everywhere. Or when the dog is resting, the cat can come and brazenly throw herself onto the dog's face while the dog won't even take a shudder!
a good question lauren! to be sincere i haven't thought about it... maybe just a hunting instinct indeed? lol at the first anon's answer! ^_^