I've just read somewhere in the net that domestic cats are the only felines that do hold the tail vertically while walking. They say that wild cats usually hold the tail horizontally when walking. Or tucked between the hind legs.

I never paid attention to this thing but now when I recollect domestic and wild cats, I don't remember any wild cat holding the tail vertically, indeed... Whether it's a big cat or not. Have you ever noticed anything like that? Why do you think domestic cats hold the tail vertically?
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Maybe holding it vertically is too inappropriate for feral cats. They are more prominent this way. Anybody is going to notice a hunting cat with a vertical tail! Emotion: big smile
Really? I suppose it shouldn't come as a surprise that domesticated cats change their body language to adapt to us, they are fairly intelligent after all.. but I've never had a cat who would walk around with a raised tail ALL the time. They raise it to greet us and other cats, but when they're just walking around it's usually relaxed horizontally behind them. I've never seen an adult cat tuck its tail between the hind legs unless it's extremely scared. Kittens do it from time to time though.

Wild cats don't "know us" and see us as a potential threat, which is why they won't greet us with a raised tail. Makes sense Emotion: smile

Where did you read this Ruslana?
I liked your view, Omnia. hehe

Veanova, a good point.
I think wild cats tuck the tail between their hind legs as a sign of submission, not only when they are scared. At least, this is what I can conclude after watching various TV programs about wild cats.

I read it on some website that listed most interesting facts about cats or something like that. I don't remember its link but I can re-do my research; I'm sure I'll find it again quickly enough, if you want to read that too. Emotion: smile
I love it when cats greet owners by rubbing againts their legs and the tail is straight up while they are doing it. Sometimes it curves so tenderly around your legs. Emotion: smile
To me it sounds a bit like a nonsense. Cats are always cats so how can their body language be that different?
No no, that is true. Wild cats are very much different in behaviour from domestic ones. I utterly agree with veanova on that point. They have different body language. Wild cats are too cautious while a vertical tail means that a cat is relaxed in a way... (eg when rubbing against the owner's feet)
It's not as strange as it sounds. Many types of fish bend their dorsal fins permanently in captivity (remember "Free Willy"?). I just haven't seen any of that in cats before.
My cat will raise her tail vertically when she sees me. It seems like a recognition response. Perhaps we do not see wild felines raise their tails because they are not likely to recognize any one.
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