1)I Guess You Really Never Own A Dog, You Just rent them, And you haveto be thankful You had a long lease.Emotion: wink
2) You really Know You're A Creep If A DOG rejects you.
3) I'm Married, But my Real Partner Is my dog.
4) If you ever tell me I love My dog More than YOU , You are @@#$Right.
5)There Has never been Yet a Dog who Learned to DOUBLE Cross you, NorCatered to you when YOU won , NOR Dropped you When You Lost.
Visit this must see site: The Canine Gazette at http://www.thecaninegazette.com. Their mission statement is that: "The Average Dog has only ONE request of Humankind, to please Understand me."
Filled to the brim with not only highly ethical breeder listings, but deeply informative canine sections, with training tips from the renowned Charlie Petrizzo, and a multitude of canine specific internet resources.
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William Potter
Mission statement:

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