Hey guys,

If you have more than one pet, this thread is for you! How come that you've decided to get several pets? Was it your well-considered decision or something you were not going to do but it just happened so?

My question doesn't mean that I disagree with having a lot of pets. To the contrary, I think it's good for pets to have buddies! I'm just curious to know your stories. Emotion: wink
Amanda and I went to the SPCA to get a cat but left with two, when we arrived we we're faced with heaps of the cutest kitties eva, but 1 stood out like a sore thumb and that was Grissom. I picked him up and while I was stroking him, who should be playing with his tail, yes none other than Bitsy, totally fell for her too and noticed that they kinda connected. A bulb when instantly off in my head and I turned to Amanda and said we are taking them both, it was the best decision eva, love em to bits.
good idea Emotion: stick out tongue well gizmo was a buy after my old cat wondered off and was never found again (we think he went of to die somewhere) it was about 2 years after and i felt i was ready again he was the runt of the litter and i decided i must have that one to make big and strong! of course while aiting for him to come over to germany i couldnt resist some little furries paul wanted hamsters and i wanted lemmings cos i thought it would be new and interesting (it is) and the mice were giving me take me home looks when we went in to get hamster and lemming food so thats them. as for ostara 10000 cats wouldnt be enough Emotion: stick out tongue and it was nice to get gizmo a friend to play with Emotion: smile
forgot the snakes! there too quite lol...paul brought them home for us to take care of cos his mate wasnt....
For me it was a very easy decision to get more than one pet. I grew up on a small farm where we always had an assortment of animals. I was raising rodents of all types in the basement. Had a couple cats and dogs in the house. My pet pig lived in the kitchen. We had cows, pigs, horses, ponies, ducks, geese, and chickens in the yard and barn.

Last year I retired and am now living on a farm again. We have four kitties in the house, and three kitties outside ... all for mouse control and of course loving. Emotion: love Then we had Koco who is a huge bundle of love in the form of a dog, but he needed a buddy to play with in the yard. On New Year's Eve I was looking at dogs online and found an ad for a Saint Bernard Puppy. I fell in love with him instantly and knew that he was the right companion for Koco, so we went and picked him up. He's just five months old now, and already weighs over 60 lbs!
Hi! Like I have always said,More the Merrier!I have always loved my animals,and I have the room for them so why not have them!I got all your comments,i love hearing your comments!thanks! P.S

When my goats have babies I will post bunches of pictures!