As far as I know, the most popular cat breeds are persians, siameses, maine coons and ragdolls. But what makes people buy felines rather than adopting them from a shelter for free? I don't mean I accuse such people or say they're doing something wrong - absolutely not because we are all free to make our own choices. I just want to know - why, why pure bred ones while there are so many cats waiting for adoption?
i suppose people like certain looks and temperments that you get with each breed,personaly i enjoy the suprise of how my moggies will behave both of mine are complete opposits and its great.then i guess you always get the type of person that a moggie just isnt good enough it has to be a pure bred.i think breeding cats is great and would love to do it someday myself but i think it should be a lot stricter so there wasnt so many breeders with all those in rescue homes waiting Emotion: sad
Sometimes you're in love with one particular breed. I think it explains it.
Personally, I like all cats whether they are pure bred or moggie. But I think I'd always prefer to adopt one from a shelter (or a feral kitty if it's obviously in trouble) because I'm sure pure bred cats will always find an owner while those in a shelter have less chances for that... besides, I'd just feel somewhat uncomfortable paying for a pure bred cat - I know it is quite common and there's nothing wrong with it, but something inside me keeps saying "You can't buy love and affection!"
Thanks for your opinions. Emotion: smile
I know a lot of people who actually took cats from Shelters, sometimes there even were pure bred cats but that's seldom. My choice would always be a shelter kitty.
People ususaly have pure breeded cats because they are only one that sell in pet shops. Lots of people buy from pet shop because they get documents, cat is spayed, they are usually lazy... If anyone takes cat from a shelter its usually not pure breed, then they have to pay for spaying and they dont get documents or passport.