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The fact that the snake was in water should actually prove that theory correct. It was trying to regulate by getting into the water. Since the snake was clearly in a pet store under hot lights would heat the water as well as the snake. The pet store should have been keeping a better eye on its animals and adjust temp accordingly.
Snakes only need to be fed once a week. They don't need much food to survive.
Can't tell if you're trolling....But that's totally normal for snakes
Some snakes only eat once a month.
snake exhibits these kind of behavior when they get agitated or stressed. snakes are naturally cold blooded so they need external heat to survive. if a snake is over heated it gets confused by the hunger drive created as a side effect of high temperature and starts eating the first thing they see.
Snakes don't get too hot as they are cold blooded and rely on surrounding temperature
All wild animals kept in captivity develop what we call Zoochosis. PLEASE enlarge the snakes habitat or let him live his life in dignity in a snake sanctuary such as a reptile park. Google reptile specialists who may take him/her into their care.
I don't know if you have a snake, but they don't need to eat very often. It takes them a very long time to break down their food since they don't chew it.
snakes eat large meals and digest slowly a large meal is more than enough for a week some adult ball pythons will go without food for up to a year with no detrimental risk to thier health
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