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unless it is a baby, which should only be fed every five days, more than once a week can make the snake obese.

Actually that could be a sign that it was trying to cool itself down. If the water was under a heat lamp and not cool enough then the tactic wouldn't have been effective. Or maybe it just wasn't enough and required further... action

Because that's as much as he needs. As cold-blooded animals, reptiles do't need to eat as much as us mammals do. Small, active snakes only need to eat about once a week. Many snakes go longer than that, anacondas only need to eat once a year.

Snakes, unlike mammals, do not need to eat every day. once a week is sufficient.

Actually the meaning of it being in the bowl was opposite. The reason it was in the water was actually because it was trying to cool down. So that's actually more evidence as to the fact that it was overheated
Well yeah, Susan. Snakes' metabolism is way different than ours and they don't need to eat three times a day. You know, since they are reptiles and cold blooded and not McDonald's abusers like the ones of your kind.
You must not know anything about snakes...
You might be trolling (because most people already know this), but I'll say this anyhow. It is completely normal for a snake to eat only once a week -or even as long as once a month. They usually swallow very large meals at once, and it takes them a really long time to digest it. They were definitely not abusing their snake, believe me.
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