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Nice to hear all that - but still:

he has never tried to bite anything that wasn't his dinner - knowing my luck he'd see me as dinner. 

even if he did for some reason it probably wouldn't even break the skin - probably - so that's not definite then!

I do admire people who are able to live alongside such reptiles. I'm just way too much of a scaredy cat to contemplate doing so myself. BUT, I must be making some progress - a few years ago I wouldn't even have been able to read your story without breaking into a cold sweat. 
Hehe Opti! I think that even if a ball python breaks someone's skin, it shouldn't be anything more than a cat's scratch or a dog's bite... (Hmm... considering that the snake is not poisonous, of course...) Well, it seems every pet can cause some damage to our skin! Emotion: wink
People should not be afraid of snakes. As they say, fear hath a hundred eyes. You will stop being afraid of snakes as soon as you have one as a pet and get to know it closer!
lizardbreathCan scare away unwanted guests (sometimes this works when a salesman comes to the door, I just take Ody with me)
lolololol this might become the main reason why I'd get a snake!! Emotion: big smile Those visitors suck sometimes! Just a few days ago someone was persistently calling our ringbell at... 6 AM!!
In case you were interested, here is some more info on ball pythons: http://www.kingsnake.com/ballpythonguide / .

Ruslana: My boyfriend and I actually had a terrible but hilarious incident involving sneaking around my mother's home and doing things... that, uh, she would not approve of years ago in our younger days... her dog went NUTS and actually climbed on top of him and started barking and crying. Boy did we learn our lesson FAST.

We would always keep the snake separate from the cat or dog. We never allow him to slither around on the floor anyway in fear of a possible trampling, and his cage is pretty much cat/dog/baby proof, so I'm not too worried. We keep a very close eye on him when he's out, and make sure he stays in view at all times... he is usually much happier just relaxing on your shoulders anyway.. I'm not sure if they would get along well, and I'd rather not risk it.Emotion: shake

Opti: If he does break the skin, it would probably be no more than a scratch, though I'm sure it would startle me more than anything. I just do my best to not provoke him or smell like something that he would find appetizing, like a rodent. Don't feel bad for being frightened by snakes! Most people are, and that's okay! Like you said, you're making progress by being involved in a discussion about them. Yay!
I have a cat and a ball python and they don't bother each other. To be honest they are both scared of the other and the cat is interested in what the snake is until it gets too close then he back away.. the snake does the same thing. When my snake is in his feeding container my cat is always wanting to watch and there has never been an incident.
I will never own a reptile but don't begrudge those who do. I much rather my slobbering furry pets Emotion: big smile
people buy snakes for many reasons. many buy snakes because they think it's cool to get a snake that can grow that long i have been around snakes for 20 years and i get snakes because they are just like any animal in the world they need homes to. but over all i get snakes to take care of them not to show them off like some prize. and honestly the snakes are easier to care for then a dog or a cat
my snake does not bite but we don`t just have him we have a cat, dog, rat (we can`t feed her to the snake shes to big he would die.Emotion: smile), and 2 baita fish. i like to call it a zoo house i`m acusly writing a play about itEmotion: big smile. i like the dog and cat the most.Emotion: smile
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