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no i have a snake and its just they are fun and u do not have to get a big one get one as a baby then let it grow ur then u will no the atachment the people that own them have.Emotion: swear
they are not affectionate,they shed their skin,they can bite or constrict cause they are not domesticated so they always pose that risk,they can escape into the wild and not care about its owner,they do their business anywhere just like most animals,u "cant" hold them and show them affection cause they dont know what that is,they are coldblooded animals that need constant warmth,most people would be disgusted by snakes anyway,oh and for religious people the snakeEmotion: devil was thrown off the garden of eden for tricking adam and eve
I agree. I have a bearded dragon, and reptiles are by far my favorite animals, I don't have any allergies, I have a dog, three legs though and a rabbit, though he gives me severe allergies, my sister owns him.

I find reptiles are stereotyped to much, my mom has a terrible phobia of them, I find them stunning animals that people underestimate, and once you get everything set up, they are extremely cheap to handle, I don't even notice lighting and heat expenses.

And no ''they don't just sit there and do nothing'' some have personalities, some lizards and snakes act aggressive towards other strangers because they are so used to their owner, they can actually form bonds like other people, my lizard with his past owner was rescued after being abused.

I honestly have to say that turtles are way more expensive and sometimes aggressive. And if you ever want a low maintenance pet with little expenses but can interact with unlike a fish, I really suggest a Bearded Dragon, Leopard Gecko or Corn Snake.

I'm sure a nondomesticated animal loves to be cooped up in a a little box all day because you think it gives you instant bad ass points.
Cats and dogs shed their hair and dander all over the place, they can bite and scratch, dogs can kill you. They can also run away and if someone else takes them in and feeds them they will forget about you. Most "domestic" snakes, such as ball pythons or corn snakes, don't do much damage when they do bite. You don't have to worry to much about their constricting unless you have an unusually large ball python and you put it over your shoulders without holding it at all. They do have individual temperaments. I have some that will come right out to greet you and some that hiss and shy away. Sure snakes will do their business anywhere if let out of their enclosure, but considering they only eat once a week or less, they don't go in copious amounts like dogs who crap everywhere. And you'd be amazed at how many people are disgusted by dogs but not snakes.

If you want to drag religion into it, read the Bible and see how many negative references to dogs it contains.

I have 2 dogs, a cat and almost 100 snakes. We breed and sell them, but most are pets. It's a matter of preference. It doesn't mean snakes are bad pets. My snakes are my preferred pets.
They are good pets and easer to kkeep than all of the other stuff you said
A lot of snakes that people get as pets are not big and snakes aren't poisonous they are venomous poison is ingested venom injsted.
Snakes can be as much as a companion as any other animal. They are reptiles and therfore ant feel love, but try know you are not going to alarm them and couldn't survive without you. The only reason why it sounds weird is because loving a snake sounds taboo. But I love my 5 ft red tanything as much a I've loved any other pet
Sadly, that is the reason quite a few people get snakes "they look cool" - and in a short amount of time, they turn into work and not taken care of properly, and end up looking for a new home - or worse Emotion: sad I too have snakes, 8 currently, along with a blue tongued skink (medium sized lizard). I take them around to educate people about reptiles - they get to touch / hold if they want. I have actually worked with a large amount of people helping them overcome their fear of these wonderful animals - which dosen't take much. Many such people are now happy caregivers of their own snake (s)

But for me to explain why I love them so much - If I have to explain, you still wouldn't understand. But that is alright, we all have our preferences Emotion: smile
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