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People that have pet snakes are very much akin to them YUK
People that are sick!
you don't actualy think you just "let it loose in your house" do you? no..... you keep it in a tank
dude are you kidding me snakes are VENOMOUS not poisonous poison is when you consume it and it kills you that way VENOM is when it is injected into your bloodflow and kills you that way
Snakes are really fascinating creatures, but they don't appeal to everyone. It's definitely a different kind of animal than a cat or a dog, or really anything else. They are extremely unique pets and there are so many different kinds that could be a good fit for different kinds of people. A lot of times people don't know alot about them so they think they are scary or bad pets, but I have talked with a lot of people at educational shows I participate in with my five snakes and once they get a better understanding of the animal, they begin to like them. They are somewhat addicting too, I only wanted one and slowly just got more and more and I love them all. My biggest one gives great neck massages too. Some people believe snakes can be therapeutic, although I am not sure if there are any facts to back that up, I could see where they are coming from on that. They are also super easy to take care of, they eat once a week at most and just need fresh water and occasional spot cleaning on the cages (usually around 1x a week), and they are quiet. They all have their own personalities and quirks as well making them even more interesting, and they are the kind of pet that will just lay on you while you watch tv or read or do anything really. Lastly, people think it's pretty cool if you have one
I'm trying to convice my mom to get me a Ball Python (my cousin has one and i know she's super sweet) but my mom's scared it's gonna kill me.😂 but anyway these points you made are super helpful. THANK YOU!!!
I am allergic to both dogs and cats, but disagree with your point. I did not get my beautiful snake, Boba, because I couldn't have a fluffy pet to hold, but because of my fascination with snakes and reptiles. Boba is a very rewarding pet that doesn't give me asthma.

Because snakes are one of a kind pets. Snakes are fun pets too. But I can see how snakes can be a bad pet too. They could get out and hurt you. But if you have snakes like ours then they could be some of the greatest pets you have. If you have snakes as pets I would prefer nonvenomous snakes. But if it were me I would have a snake as a pet.

I have A snake she my love we sleep in the bad and take A shower she love me we go every were she is yellow and yellow spots I love her so much
I've heard plenty of stories where snakes size up their own owners because they're planning to devour them
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