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I would like to ask you if I should be concerend ? My grand daughter 3 years old ,lives 3 days a week with her moms boyfriend and they send her to his moms house to care for her during this time also. This is a concern,they both have a large snake ? I am afraid for her. Should I be?
Yes, very concerned! I only takes once to kill a child, or do severe damage. I don't have any experience with snakes other than friends and relatives.. Cousin thought it was cool to have a sidewinder, he got bit on his foot and was laid up for 2 weeks. I know; every snake owner will tell you it'll never happen him, unfortunately it happens quite frequently.
Thats's a common misconception, an old wives tale. Snakes are opportunistic eaters so they don't feel hunger. If they sense heat and pick up a scent they associate with prey they will immediately try to eat it. Because in the wild a snake can go months with out eating so they immediatly eat their prey because they don't know when they are going to get an opportunity to eat again, so because they are opportunistic eaters you could essentially keep feeding a snake till it throws up or dies. Also their have been know recorded cases (in 1st world countries) of a pet snake eating its owner. in order for a snake to be able to eat a person it would need to be larger in length and body width than the owner, and only a few snakes can meet this criteria such as african rock pythons, reticulated pythons, and green anaconda's. And in most states you either need a permit to own these snake or its straight out illegal. So in conclusion, no a snake can not and will not size up to its owner to eat it. Emotion: big smile I know I'm late to this this thread, but just wanted to inform you and other people about the falsity of this commonly believed myth.
Hi all,

If I may ask, does any of you suffer from a serious illness
and did the onset of your illness or worsening of it coincide with your love for Snakes?
Hello, I just want to mention that unlike most pets, snakes cannot wander about the house (unless you keep your house VERY toasty and warm) as they need very specific temperature and humidity requirements to survive. Similar to hamsters who are kept in an enclosure except for playtime, snakes must be kept in a heated humidity regulated container at all times other than playtime.
Wow dude you just completely opened my eyes on the subject. Only problem I have is, to have something beautiful like a husky pup. Wouldn't that be worth it? Plus, how much do beginner snakes cost (Ball Python, Cornsnake etc)
Anonymous No really, I can't get it. There are cats. There are dogs. There are hamsters, and rabits after all. Even parrots. But why snakes?..
1. Snakes are cute (no, seriously, I find my little corn snake adorable!)
2. They're also super cool! (Just don't hold them for a couple days after feeding in the morning- that's when mine goes- if ya know what I mean)
3. They don't try to strangle you in your sleep (unless you don't feed them or keep their lid on tight)
4. Your snake may make you one of the most popular people around (I've witnessed this happen. These nine year olds saved up enough and got their own rosy boa because a woman that goes to my church showed off her snakes)

That enough for you?

thats an urban myth, snakes dont size up their meals, they just eat

You are a smart person snakes are awsome

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