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Please dont..


Snakes are the best pets, depending on the breed. Start with a ball python. They don’t bark, jump on you, lick your face, eat your food, shed fur all over everything, whine, poop everywhere, etc like dogs. They don’t trip you, meow loudly, leave you unwanted dead things, shed cat hair all over everything like cats. When/if they do accidentally mistake your finger for food, it doesn’t spurt blood everywhere like a rodent bite. I literally had 2 tiny red marks for an hour, then it was gone. It didn’t even hurt. I still have a scar from the stupid hamster bite I got 2 years ago and my arm still hurts a day later from the rabbit bite I got yesterday. My snake eats once a week and he eats frozen thawed. Because he will only get 3 1/2 feet long, we will never have to feed live. He tolerates my high strung child far better than any of her other pets have and he will just chill out with us for hours on the couch. People have this unmerited fear of any and all snakes that if they would just give them a chance, they’d change their minds. I have handled snakes since I was a little girl thanks to my mom teaching me at a young age that there is nothing to fear. I have taught my daughters the same way and they love our snake.

Because people like different things maybe?

Why would a snake be wandering a house instead of being in its proper enclosure? And the term is venomous, and only experienced keepers have them and they need a licence. Doubt a random person is gonna be let to have a venomous one.