No really, I can't get it. There are cats. There are dogs. There are hamsters, and rabits after all. Even parrots. But why snakes?..
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I'm just wondering the same! I wouldn't be relaxed with a snake wandering in my house, even if it's not poisonous
I heard that some people got snakes when they were allergic to both cats and dogs. Maybe sometimes it's not a case of likeness but of an insuperable will to have a pet along with incompatibility to have a fluffy one.
Hey guys,

I think Anon has a point. Some people are unable to have furry pets because of an allergy. I've made some research and this is what I found. A guy describes some reasons why he has snakes. Well, I myself wouldn't get one even after reading this article, but tastes differ!

Here are some extracts...

Most pet owners have dogs or cats. I am allergic to both, and I am deeply suspicious of cats. I am also allergic to nearly every warm-blooded creature one can practically keep in a small apartment. I can handle ferrets, but they are extremely boisterous and destructive. So I have settled upon reptiles, particularly snakes.

Many people are taken aback to learn that I keep snakes. They think that snakes lack the cuddliness of dogs or cats. “They just sit there, right?” is a rhetorical question I get quite often. Nothing could be further from the truth. Snakes behave quite affectionately.
Snakes are far less trouble than dogs, cats, or any warm-blooded pet.

Wow to be honest, my blood was a bit frozen to read how affectionate snakes could be (I didn't quote it here but curious people can read it in the full article hehe).
1. My snake doesn't bark.

2. I can hold my snake while wearing a black dress and not have to worry about using a lint roller.

3. Hypoallergenic.

4. My snake doesn't claw my furniture.

5. (not the same for all breeds and types) He only needs to eat once or twice a month, thus only costing me 3-10 dollars per month in pet food expenses.

6. Instant bad-ass points.

7. The chance of an "accident" on my carpeet is rare.

8. His scales feel really neat.

9. Doesn't hump my guest's legs.

10. Doesn't drool.

11. He is a beautiful and exotic addition to my household.

Honestly, I could go on. Emotion: smile
Hey lizardbreath,

Glad to see you around!
Your list really made me impressed. I suppose you are in love with snakes very much! A slight offtopic: what snake do you have? Do you have one or several? Can you please introduce them here ?

If you could go on with reasons, it would really be cool. To be honest, I am not a snake person (and I don't think I'd ever want to get one), but when people passionately talk of what they love - it is always a pleasure to lesten / read. Besides, it's always great to know things from "the other side" hehe. Emotion: smile
I would also like to see some more additions to the plus side of snake ownership. But no matter how long the list - I'm afraid I will never be able to handle one, let alone keep one as a pet!
Hi there, glad to be around! I love reptiles, though I do love cats, dogs and all sorts of animals as well. My father was a big fan of "exotic" pets, so I've been around reptiles and amphibians as far back as I can remember.

Odysseus (aka Ody, like the dog from Garfield) is my three year old Ball Python. He belonged to a family member of mine for a while, until I visited and saw how malnourished and thin he was. I convinced her to let me take him in until she was at a time in her life where she could take give him better care, and she reluctantly agreed (she is pretty young and her mom despised the poor thing). He has been a loved addition to my home ever since. The family member has agreed to let us keep him indefinitely.

He and my Beta (Lady Augua) are my only pets for now, the apartment complex we live in isn't quite pet friendly. I'm sure we will expand our family with a cat or a dog eventually, but Ody will always have his special place and continue to be showered with attention for the rest of his 20-30 year lifespan.

Here are a few more additions...
  • Does not cough up hairballs.
  • Doesn't need a pet sitter if I leave for the weekend (though we have no shortage of volunteers).
  • Great hands-on educational tool. (My mom's kindergarten class LOVES Ody and "the snake daughter" Emotion: smile).
  • Doesn't think my boyfriend is trying to hurt me if he catches a glimpse of our more intimate moments.
  • Can scare away unwanted guests (sometimes this works when a salesman comes to the door, I just take Ody with me)
  • Great conversation piece at the drive through window.
  • Walking him is as easy as holding him while you sit on the couch and watch TV.
  • Doesn't wake me up when he has to pee or gets hungry.
I will add more as I think of them.

Most of my friends were afraid of him at first too, but looking at him being held lead to wanting to touch him, and that led to wanting to hold him and now most of them walk in and immediately want to know where he is and if he can come out to play. I think it's just something you have to be exposed to and reassured that it is not going to kill you. To this day he has never tried to bite anything that wasn't his dinner, and even if he did for some reason it probably wouldn't even break the skin, his breed has tiny little teeth. In fact, the only time I've ever heard him hiss at me was when I put him back in his tank and he kept trying to dart up my arm and hide in my hair, because he wanted to stay out. I let him, he curled up around my neck and chilled there while I watched TV. Far from vicious. Emotion: smile
Wow. This is the first word that occurs after reading your post!
lizardbreathCan scare away unwanted guests (sometimes this works when a salesman comes to the door, I just take Ody with me)

LoL I guess this problem is common all over the world! Emotion: big smile It seems a snake is even more effective for this than any severe guard dog, haha.

By the way, my cat never thought that my boyfriend was trying to hurt me during intimate moments. The only thing he might do was to come to us purring and to demand some caress for him too, hehe. I heard dogs could be more importunate from this point of view, but dogs are different, aren't they? Some are smarter, some are less smart.

Are you sure that a cat or dog won't harm the python in a way, and that they will get on well?.. If they have problems of dealing with each other, it may end up bad for one of the sides, which is somewhat frustrating.
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