One of my friends is obsessed with having spiders as pets. He doesn't have any at the moment but he is going to get some in a while. The idea of having pet spiders seems sorta creepy to me. Am I too conservative? OK I can now be blamed and attacked by spider lovers - I don't mind - but just tell me: WHY do you like to keep spiders as pets? Is it just a matter of taste? Or do you get them to freak out people like me when I have to come over? Emotion: stick out tongue
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AnonymousIs it just a matter of taste?
I think this is much true. Some like cats, some like dogs, some like rats! Some like spiders.
- they are a noiseless
- most of them are quite docile
- they require little space
- they are easy to take care of and feed
- they're unusual pets, unique and interesting

- I think they're perfect creatures (have you seen a spider web??)
Anonymous-I think they're perfect creatures (have you seen a spider web??)
Making a beautiful and perfect spider web doesn't make them perfect creaturesin my eyes Emotion: stick out tongue When I see a spider hanging in its web I don't find the web so perfect anymore hehe, sorry!

But yes, some good points for those who do like spiders.
to freak out me? paul used to have some pigeon eating one but i told him i would never come to visit with that in the room! (before we got married and i moved over obv) i meant he would have to get a mate to take care of it while i was there but he would have had to get rid if it anyway so was good he did lol i hate them i have panic attacks watching tv and a cartoon one comes on so its beyond me but if i wasnt scared i probably would have ended up with one for some reason
Wow I didn't realize so many people feel uncomfortable about spiders! Emotion: smile I am not a fan of them either but I can't say I have panic attacks when I see them or something. In fact, I'd love to make a macro-shot of a spider! I guess the thirst for good & rare photos overcomes everything. Emotion: big smile

I think spiders can be nice pets for those who don't want to walk a dog every day or to deal with self-assured cats. Or maybe for those who have an allergy to furry pets. In any case, having a pet spider makes you kind of an unusual person I think (because most people won't ever consider it as a pet, hehe).
I don't think that having a pet spider is too different from having other non-traditional pets such as lizards and scorpions. Cats and dogs can be great but sometimes you just don't want a pet that may pee all over the house or break your favourite vase. I believe if you guys could overcome your fear and try getting to know a spider better, you'd change your opinion about these 'scary' creatures.

Have you got some spider close ups? I'd love to have a look, I never managed to take a good shot of Peter.
Have you got some spider close ups? I'd love to have a look, I never managed to take a good shot of Peter.
Nope unfortunately. We don't have that many spiders around. But if I take some nice shots, I'll surely show them to you. Emotion: smile
Hey guy, I myself have 10 beautiful tarantulas, like mentioned before, the require verry little attention, are easy to keep, and are absolutely amazing to watch constructing a burrow or simply having a nice cool drink, also they are amazing display animals, brightliy colored and impressive in size, and in my 10 years as a proud keeper I have never been bitten even while provoking them for a macro photo of the threat pose.It is a joy to have such a unique pet
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